The JavaScript area of my Blog contains a number of JavaScript libraries which I wrote to gain the potential of this language. All of my libraries are written using ECMAScript ECMA-262 v3 features (better known as JavaScript v1.5)

If you want to utilize any of my JavaScript libraries in your projects, please link to the online version published on my website, so you will always be using the latest release then. You can query the version number of any of my libraries using the Version property available in the namespace of each of my libraries. In case you plan to use any of my libraries in production, you may want to send me an e-mail so I can drop you a note if there is an update available to one of my libraries.

Any animation in the Blog area of my website has been programmed using the JQuery or Raphaël JavaScript library, except where explicitly stated.

For my website I have implemented the main menu's rollover effect using Microsoft DTHML Behaviors. Therefore it's currently only visible to users of Microsoft Internet Explorer, which I very much regret because it's an outstanding solution for adding generic JavaScript event handlers to arbitrary HTML elements. I anticipate behaviors to become a standard in CSS 3.

Please note that, in contrast to other parts of my website, the JavaScript section contains code demonstrating use of latest technologies. So it presumably may not be displayed correctly on elder browsers.

All source code published in this secion is subject to the Open Software License.

I have added a comprehensive documentation to each of my libraries, both, in code and as separate documentation page. Creating that documentation I have been spending numbers of hours. Therefore I forewent to create a German plus an Englisch version – despite my first intention to do so. So I confined myself to create an Englisch version, because I believe all of my target audience will have the knowledge to read English.

Axel Dahmen Soft- and Hardware-Engineering
03/26/2010 18:12